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The labor market in the United States has been suffering from a severe shortage of skilled workers. That’s why many businesses in Los Angeles are actively recruiting immigrant workers to fill open positions and expand their operations. The H-1B nonimmigrant visa is designed to facilitate the recruitment of foreign nationals with specialized knowledge to fill positions of specialty occupations in the United States. Foreign employees have a great opportunity in LA because of the H-1B visa program. It opens the door for businesses in Los Angeles to sponsor foreign nationals seeking employment visas in the United States. In addition, the H-1B visa has the additional benefit of allowing its bearer to apply for permanent residency in the United States. Getting an H-1B visa makes it simpler to apply for a green card and become a permanent resident of the United States. Therefore, if you are an individual seeking employment in Los Angeles or a business interested in hiring an individual with extraordinary skills from anywhere in the world, our H-1B visa attorney in Los Angeles can assist you.

Significant Elements Of An H-1B Visa

Businesses and organizations rely on H-1B visas to bring in qualified workers in specialty occupations like information technology (IT), engineering (engineers), science (scientists), etc. Several key components of this visa type must be met. A knowledgeable H-1B visa lawyer in Los Angeles can help you through the process. These components include:


In this scenario, an H-1B visa attorney will need to receive an offer from a specific U.S. employer on your behalf. This is a job hop in which an employee leaves one company for another in search of better working conditions and is counted under the H-1B visa.

Specialty occupation

A bachelor’s degree in the relevant field is typically required for this type of specialty career, as is experience with both the theory and practice of the field.

Dual intent

This provision allows the holder to choose between remaining in the United States and returning to their home country.

Time of stay

Visa approval grants an initial three-year stay that can be extended to a maximum of six years. Employees who have been with their current employer for more than six years and want to stay can apply for permanent residence status.

Role specific

The H-1B visa is only granted under certain circumstances and for certain jobs. You should consult with an H-1B visa lawyer if you need to make any changes to the position before submitting a fresh petition.

List Of Specialty Occupations For An H-1B Visa

H-1B visa holders are expected to have advanced degrees and job experience in their respective industries. The state of LA offers a wide variety of specialty occupations, such as:

  • Medical professionals like surgeons, physicians, etc.

  • Lawyers and legal professionals

  • Therapists, psychologists, etc.

  • Accountants, economists, etc.

  • Managers and administrators

  • IT experts

  • Teachers

  • Engineers

  • Eligibility Requirements To Apply For An H-1B Visa In Los Angeles

    An H-1B visa attorney can help anyone apply for the visa if they meet the eligibility conditions. The conditions are:

  • H-1B visas, which allow for 65,000 annual entrants, must be made available

  • The remuneration of the job in Los Angeles, must be among the actual or the prevailing wage, whichever is higher

  • The job must build an employee and employer relationship

  • A bachelor’s degree in Los Angeles is expected to be directly relevant to the position being offered

  • The emigrant worker to the United States of America must possess the requisite credentials

  • If you want to avoid any problems in the long run, have your H-1B visa attorney verify that you fit all of the criteria for admission.

    H-1B Visa Application Processing In Los Angeles

    Hiring an experienced H-1B visa attorney to guide you through the application procedure is essential. The first step after hiring an attorney for an H-1B visa is to submit a Labor Condition Application to the United States Department of Labor. The employer must then file Form I-129 with the local USCIS office. Instructions for completing the remaining steps in applying for an H-1B visa are sent to the applicant once the form has been approved. The final step is for applicants to visit their nearest U.S. consulate for an interview and to be fingerprinted.

    How Much Of A Boost Do H-1B Visa Holders Really Provide To The Economy?

    New jobs for American citizens are being made possible by the growing number of immigrants in the labor force. Firstly, rather than competing with one another for the same jobs, these employees can complement one another. Second, the money you make in the American market stays in the American market and helps the American economy. In addition to contributing to the U.S. economy through their labor here, immigrants often see expansion chances for the firms they’ve founded, which in turn generates additional employment.

    Can You Enter And Exit Los Angeles While Being On An H-1B Visa?

    As a rule of thumb, the answer is yes. In order to maintain your H-1B visa status, you need not remain physically present in the United States at all times. However, administrative authorities at the airport could impose stringent rules at any time. It is imperative that H-1B visa holders leaving LA always have their paperwork in order in case they are stopped by Customs and Border Protection. It is also crucial to consult with H-1B visa lawyers for advice before leaving the country.

    What Are The Benefits Of An H-1B Visa?

    Just like any other visa of the USA, H-1B comes with numerous benefits for the holder and the dependents. It not only gives you an opportunity to enhance your living standards but also allows your children to attend school in the USA, gives you a chance to work for other employers on a part time basis. In addition to this, you get paid for extra skills which enhances your wage rate drastically. Being full of fruitful benefits it is recommended to hire an H-1B visa attorney in Los Angeles to build a stronger case.

    Consult A Los Angeles H-1B Visa Attorney

    Are you hoping to find a rewarding position in LA? Would a work visa be necessary? Are you a job seeker, or are you an employer hoping to expand your business? Our expert staff can assist you with assembling the required paperwork, completing the relevant forms, and offering suggestions to strengthen your case. If you need an H-1B visa lawyer in Los Angeles, you may reach us at 818-981-0352 or email the firm.

    As per the U.S. State Dept., employment-based immigration involves three categories: (1) People with extraordinary ability, meaning those who have reached a high level of acclaim and recognition in their fields; (2) outstanding professors and researchers on the path to tenure; and (3) executives or managers employed with multinational U.S.-based corporations.

    The EB-2 visa represents the so-called “second preference” under U.S. immigration law. There are two categories under the EB-2 visa: (1) Professionals who have an advanced degree (above and beyond the baccalaureate degree), or, in rarer instances, those who have only a baccalaureate degree but relevant experience in his or her field; and (2) those with “exceptional ability” in the arts and sciences or in business, as demonstrated by evidence.

    Available for skilled workers, professionals and unskilled workers (other workers). A labor certification and a permanent, full-time job offer are required to become eligible.

    Available for ‘special immigrants’ including religious workers, special immigrant juveniles, broadcasters, G-4 International Organization or NATO-6 employees and their family members, armed forces members, Panama Canal Zone employees, certain physicians, Afghan and Iraqi Translators, Afghan and Iraqi nationals who have provided faith service in support of U.S. operations.

    The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is designed around economic job growth. As per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, entrepreneurs and their families may immigrate to the U.S. (and are green card eligible) provided that they meet two basic criteria: (1) Can invest in a commercial U.S. business (2) Can create or preserve 10 jobs for U.S. workers.

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