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The United States of America is a hospitable country with a sizable immigrant population. Despite its openness to immigrants from all over the world, the US does impose travel restrictions based on specific criminal offenses. These offenses include crimes of moral turpitude, prostitution, smuggling, and a few health-related issues. Despite these restrictions, waivers on the basis of inadmissibility are permitted under US immigration law. Considering applying for immigration but concerned about inadmissibility? When requesting immigration in Los Angeles, it is rather typical for those looking for a nonimmigrant status or an immigrant visa to encounter difficulties. With the aid of an immigration waiver attorney in Los Angeles, a petition for an immigration waiver can be simply filed to address these issues of inadmissibility. The lawyers at Sidman Law Group are committed to using logic to defend their clients and win immigration waivers. By building a compelling case, our immigration waiver attorneys will assist you in obtaining pardon for unacceptable grounds that are impeding your immigration.

Who Is Eligible For An Inadmissibility Waiver?

Ignorance of waivers pertaining to lawful permanent residents (LPRs) become a hindrance for many immigrants. Lawyers, too, sometimes view waivers as being difficult in cases involving serious crimes, but with the help of our immigration waiver lawyer, you can feel confident about your case. Our Los Angeles immigration waiver lawyer assesses your situation based on a number of variables, including the time since the crime was committed, the date you were released from jail or prison, the severity of the punishment, the amount of time you have already served, etc., in order to secure a waiver on your behalf. If you want to be qualified for an immigration waiver, you should:

  • Be at least 17 years old

  • Physically present in the United States

  • Therapists, psychologists, etc.

  • Obtain a family immigration petition that is approved

  • Be a spouse, child, or parent of an American citizen

  • Show how not being allowed to enter the country might negatively affect the people you love who live there

  • It is strongly advised that you work with an immigration waiver attorney from Sidman Law Group to craft a strong application if you want to have all of these eligibility elements in your favor.

    Common Grounds For Rejection

    Many foreign nationals may be barred from entering or residing in the United States of America due to grounds for inadmissibility or deportation. Who may enter or depart the US’s borders on specific grounds is governed by LA law. These reasons comprise:

  • Deportation from the United States of America in the past

  • Having an active removal procedure and overstaying a visa in the United States after it has expired

  • Being accused of a crime, such as a crime involving moral turpitude, a drug-related crime, a drug smuggling charge, a human trafficking offense, a prostitution offense, or a money laundering offense

  • The Different Types Of Immigration Waivers In Los Angeles

    The most important part is determining whether a waiver process is necessary in your case, and you must engage an immigration waiver lawyer to make sure everything goes as planned. Our immigration waiver attorneys can help you out with the different types of immigration waivers. Along with that, we make sure to follow the correct procedures to finish your application on time. Here are some of the typical categories of immigration waivers to help you determine which one best fits your situation:

    Waiver of Inadmissibility for nonimmigrants

    For foreign nonimmigrant candidates seeking admission to the USA, this particular form of waiver is available. This waiver addresses the exclusion of some security actions, such as terrorism, participation in genocide, practicing Nazi prosecution, espionage, and other foreign security policies, notwithstanding its broad scope.

    Waiver for fraud and misrepresentation

    You will either be denied entry to the US or deported if you are charged with fraud and deception in connection with acquiring a visa or other papers for entrance. You must demonstrate that rejecting this waiver will put your relatives abroad through significant hardship in order to secure a waiver of fraud and misrepresentation. To do this, you must have a close relationship with a US citizen.

    Waiver of inadmissibility for health-related grounds

    Regarding the health-related grounds for inadmissibility, this waiver is relevant. It is about those physical and mental conditions that have an impact on LA’s general welfare. In order to use a health waiver, you must demonstrate your qualifications.

    Waiver to avoid deportation after a criminal conviction

    The 212(c) waiver to escape deportation following a felony conviction covers a variety of criminal offenses that result in inadmissibility and deportability. It is accessible to legal residents who left the country voluntarily and without a deportation order, as well as those who are coming to a legal renunciation domicile for seven years in a row without having been convicted of any offenses for which they received a five-year jail sentence.
    Waiver of inadmissibility for criminal acts

    It is beneficial for the many types of crimes that result in inadmissibility and have different standards depending on the inadmissibility grounds.

    Unlawful presence waiver

    Before leaving the country for an immigration visa interview at a foreign U.S. embassy, applicants for immigrant visas who have relatives who hold green cards or who are citizens may seek for a “provisional” waiver of the unlawful presence grounds of inadmissibility.

    Humanitarian waiver or relief from removal

    This waiver addresses the fundamental problems of inadmissibility that arise from misrepresentation or fraud, whether intentional or unintentional. You need a relative who is an American citizen in order to be granted this waiver.

    We Can Assist You!

    You would be hard-pressed to develop a strong waiver application case on your own given the length and complexity of the waiver application procedure. Don’t worry; Sidman offers you access to the top immigration waiver lawyers in Los Angeles who will handle your waiver application and spare you the time and expense of the USCIS filing process. What are you still holding out for? To contact us, call 818-981-0352 or send an email.

    As per the U.S. State Dept., employment-based immigration involves three categories: (1) People with extraordinary ability, meaning those who have reached a high level of acclaim and recognition in their fields; (2) outstanding professors and researchers on the path to tenure; and (3) executives or managers employed with multinational U.S.-based corporations.

    The EB-2 visa represents the so-called “second preference” under U.S. immigration law. There are two categories under the EB-2 visa: (1) Professionals who have an advanced degree (above and beyond the baccalaureate degree), or, in rarer instances, those who have only a baccalaureate degree but relevant experience in his or her field; and (2) those with “exceptional ability” in the arts and sciences or in business, as demonstrated by evidence.

    Available for skilled workers, professionals and unskilled workers (other workers). A labor certification and a permanent, full-time job offer are required to become eligible.

    Available for ‘special immigrants’ including religious workers, special immigrant juveniles, broadcasters, G-4 International Organization or NATO-6 employees and their family members, armed forces members, Panama Canal Zone employees, certain physicians, Afghan and Iraqi Translators, Afghan and Iraqi nationals who have provided faith service in support of U.S. operations.

    The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is designed around economic job growth. As per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, entrepreneurs and their families may immigrate to the U.S. (and are green card eligible) provided that they meet two basic criteria: (1) Can invest in a commercial U.S. business (2) Can create or preserve 10 jobs for U.S. workers.

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