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The unfortunate event of being the victim of a criminal activity can be adversely affective. However, when the crime occurs abroad, it exacerbates the situation. You may be eligible for a U-visa if you are a victim of a major crime in the United States and want the incident investigated. A U-visa is a form of green card that is issued to victims of certain crimes who have been subjected to physical or mental abuse and are prepared to assist the government in investigating the crime. It acts as a rescuer for the victims, allowing them to work and reside in the United States of America permanently under specific circumstances. A U-visa permits candidates to stay and work in the United States for four years and, after three years, to apply for permanent residency. To protect the safety of your family, you must also include your spouse and children on your visa. We have a team of professional and experienced U-visa attorneys in Los Angeles at Sidman Law Group. As experienced U-visa lawyers, our staff has assisted numerous crime victims in determining their eligibility for U-visa.
So, if you are in dire need to search the internet for “the finest U visa lawyer near me,” contact us! If you have grounds to suspect you may be a prospective U-visa holder, our U visa immigration lawyer can help.

What Crimes Are Eligible For A U Visa?

There are several offenses that qualify for U visa eligibility. If you are a foreign person who has experienced significant suffering as a result of physical or mental abuse, you may be eligible for a U visa. Examine the list below to see whether you have been the victim of any of the following qualifying crimes:

  • Torture

  • Unlawful criminal restraint

  • Trafficking

  • Abusive sexual contact

  • Domestic violence

  • Hostage

  • Blackmail

  • Incest

  • Genital female mutilation

  • Felonious assault

  • Sexual assault

  • Slave trading

  • Rape

  • Peonage

  • Prostitution

  • Perjury

  • Involuntary servitude

  • False imprisonment

  • Sexual exploitation

  • Felonious assault

  • Extortion abduction

  • Murder
  • Kidnapping

  • The above list highlights the connected offenses that might assist you in obtaining a U-visa. Furthermore, even your illegal presence in the United States as a breach of immigration law cannot prevent you from getting the U-visa application. To acquire a thorough understanding of this legal process, you will need to employ a U-visa attorney.

    How To Satisfy Grounds For U Visa Eligibility?

    Various circumstances help you become eligible to apply for a U-visa, but none of them appear to be pleasant. Unfortunately, these are the only situations under which you can apply for a U-visa. To be qualified for a U-visa, you must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Being a victim of any of the crimes listed on the U-visa criminal list

  • Suffering from any type of maltreatment as a result of a crime

  • Assisting law enforcement officials in the investigation of any eligible offense

  • Possession of relevant information about the qualifying offense

  • Being a victim of any crime prohibited under US law

  • What Documents Are Important For A U Visa Application?

    To complete the application procedure, you must produce supporting documentation in addition to proving your eligibility for a U visa. The following documents are required:

  • A passport

  • Your forms for obtaining a U visa

  • Photos in passport size

  • Certificates of birth and marriage for family members

  • More evidence of severe physical and mental abuse

  • A police record indicating that you were a victim of one of the offenses listed

  • What Is The Process For A U Visa Application?

    Filing a petition and submitting the signed certificate known as USCIS Form 1-918, Supplement B, U Nonimmigrant Status Certification is the first step in applying for a U-visa. The potential agency then converts I-915 to FORM I-981B. The evidence is then gathered to determine the victim’s eligibility. If you have a family member who wants to work in the United States, you must now complete form I-756. Then you must submit your petition to the USCIS along with all required documentation and wait for your scheduled interview. Filling out a U-visa application can be a complicated procedure that will need the assistance of an experienced U-visa lawyer. You will be able to create a compelling case with the help of an expert U-visa lawyer. Furthermore, to avoid deportation and accelerate your application submission, you will need the assistance of a U visa attorney with immigration court expertise.

    What Are the Advantages Of A U-Visa?

    Applying for a U-visa status has a number of advantages. Victims who can acquire a U-visa are allowed to stay in the United States for the duration of their visa. They receive rights in the nation, such as establishing a bank account, studying, obtaining a driver’s license, and so on, but the list of benefits obtained by U-visa continues:

  • Obtaining a work permit

  • Possibility of applying for permanent immigration

  • You can accept a waiver

  • Assists qualifying family members

  • Helping Victims All Around Los Angeles

    Coping with a crime is difficult, but registering for a U visa can give some consolation by delivering victims the justice they need. However, you may lack the strength to do anything, let alone navigate intricate paperwork. This is where we can help. Our Los Angeles U visa attorneys are well-versed in the visa application procedure. So, what are you holding out for? Contact our U visa immigration lawyer for a free consultation at 818-981-0352 or write us an email.

    As per the U.S. State Dept., employment-based immigration involves three categories: (1) People with extraordinary ability, meaning those who have reached a high level of acclaim and recognition in their fields; (2) outstanding professors and researchers on the path to tenure; and (3) executives or managers employed with multinational U.S.-based corporations.

    The EB-2 visa represents the so-called “second preference” under U.S. immigration law. There are two categories under the EB-2 visa: (1) Professionals who have an advanced degree (above and beyond the baccalaureate degree), or, in rarer instances, those who have only a baccalaureate degree but relevant experience in his or her field; and (2) those with “exceptional ability” in the arts and sciences or in business, as demonstrated by evidence.

    Available for skilled workers, professionals and unskilled workers (other workers). A labor certification and a permanent, full-time job offer are required to become eligible.

    Available for ‘special immigrants’ including religious workers, special immigrant juveniles, broadcasters, G-4 International Organization or NATO-6 employees and their family members, armed forces members, Panama Canal Zone employees, certain physicians, Afghan and Iraqi Translators, Afghan and Iraqi nationals who have provided faith service in support of U.S. operations.

    The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is designed around economic job growth. As per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, entrepreneurs and their families may immigrate to the U.S. (and are green card eligible) provided that they meet two basic criteria: (1) Can invest in a commercial U.S. business (2) Can create or preserve 10 jobs for U.S. workers.

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