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Long distance relationships are fairly prevalent, but they are never simple. The distance and time difference between two people can have a significant impact on their relationship. As for engaged couples, the next anticipated step for them is marriage. However, getting engaged to someone who lives abroad prevents you from seeing them for several months or even years. Having a child involved might make this difficult and protracted wait much harder. You and your kid may experience a range of emotions throughout a long-distance relationship. However, the law allows temporary relocation for those who are overseas while engaged to a US citizen. According to the law, if your fiance has legal status in the US, he or she can sponsor you for immigration with the aid of an experienced K1/K2 visa attorney in Los Angeles.

Introduction To A K1 Nonimmigrant Visa

A K1 visa, commonly referred to as a fiancé visa, is a form of nonimmigrant visa that enables an engaged partner of a US citizen to relocate temporarily to the US, provided that the pair gets married no later than 90 days after arriving in the country. The K1 visa eventually leads to permanent residency and enables the non-citizen spouse to apply for a green card based on their marriage whenever the pair marries.

Eligibility Criteria For A K1 Visa

You must meet a number of requirements in order to be eligible to apply for a K1 visa. There are differing qualifying conditions for US residents and foreigners with regard to K1 visas. The US citizen’s provisions are as follows:

  • You must provide evidence that you are a US citizen

  • Have no limitations for getting married

  • Form I-129F must be signed in order to submit the petition

  • Above the poverty level, you must be able to provide for your spouse in all ways with basic essentials

  • As a foreign partner, you also have various obligations and prerequisites, such as:

  • Possess no criminal history

  • The overseas residence of the foreign fiancé is a requirement

  • There should be no requirement that you and your fiancé be remarried

  • Within the previous two years, you have become partners with a US citizen

  • Documents Required To File A K1 Visa Petition

    There is a huge amount of paperwork and documents required when applying for a K1 visa. Hiring a lawyer for a K1 visa may be your best bet for a successful application. You would have to provide proof and the relevant paperwork before requesting a K1 visa, such as:

  • Photos of you and your partner

  • Proof of citizenship for the sponsoring fiance

  • Copy of sponsored fiance’s passport

  • Proof of meeting within 2 years of applying

  • Evidence legitimating that you are engaged to be married

  • Birth certificate for the sponsored fiance

  • Affidavit of support by US citizen fiance

  • Police clearance certificate from countries where the sponsored fiance lived for more than 6 months, including the country of residence

  • Introduction To A K2 Nonimmigrant Visa

    A category of nonimmigrant visas, K2 visa is available for the minor, unmarried offspring of K1 visa holders. The dependent children of a US citizen with a K1 fiancé are eligible to enter the country and stay until their parents are married. The kids on a K2 visa are allowed to attend the school of their choosing and even work by obtaining a work permit. Once their parents are married, K2 dependent children can seek permanent residency as well.

    Eligibility Criteria For A K2 Visa

    First things first, having parents with active K1 visas is one of the most crucial requirements for obtaining a K2 visa. The child should also be under 21 and single. Moreover, one of the applicant’s parents should be a US citizen. After all this trouble, you still don’t have an immigration status, so after the wedding, the sponsoring fiance’s partner and children must submit a form I-485 application for permanent residency.
    A K2 visa lawyer may assist you in better understanding the exact qualifications needed to be eligible to apply for this derivative visa.

    Documents Required To File A K2 Visa Petition

    When the K1 visa becomes available, you may apply for a K2 visa. As a result, you would require a number of papers to apply for the visa, including:

  • Passport

  • Birth certificate copy

  • Affidavit of support

  • Photographs

  • Form DS-160

  • Form I-134

  • Results of all the medical examinations

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    It is nothing less than a dream to live with your fiancé and child. You can hire one of the most reputable K1 visa lawyers in Los Angeles to submit these two visas on your behalf if you want your dream to come true. Our K1 visa attorney and K2 visa lawyer carefully pursues your K1/K2 visa in Los Angeles using our tactical approach to each case. In order to get in touch, call us at 818-981-0352 or send us an email.

    As per the U.S. State Dept., employment-based immigration involves three categories: (1) People with extraordinary ability, meaning those who have reached a high level of acclaim and recognition in their fields; (2) outstanding professors and researchers on the path to tenure; and (3) executives or managers employed with multinational U.S.-based corporations.

    The EB-2 visa represents the so-called “second preference” under U.S. immigration law. There are two categories under the EB-2 visa: (1) Professionals who have an advanced degree (above and beyond the baccalaureate degree), or, in rarer instances, those who have only a baccalaureate degree but relevant experience in his or her field; and (2) those with “exceptional ability” in the arts and sciences or in business, as demonstrated by evidence.

    Available for skilled workers, professionals and unskilled workers (other workers). A labor certification and a permanent, full-time job offer are required to become eligible.

    Available for ‘special immigrants’ including religious workers, special immigrant juveniles, broadcasters, G-4 International Organization or NATO-6 employees and their family members, armed forces members, Panama Canal Zone employees, certain physicians, Afghan and Iraqi Translators, Afghan and Iraqi nationals who have provided faith service in support of U.S. operations.

    The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is designed around economic job growth. As per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, entrepreneurs and their families may immigrate to the U.S. (and are green card eligible) provided that they meet two basic criteria: (1) Can invest in a commercial U.S. business (2) Can create or preserve 10 jobs for U.S. workers.

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