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Bernard Sidman is an accomplished lawyer who has been dedicated to the practice of U.S. immigration law since opening his firm in 1983. A member of the “American Association of Immigration Lawyers” for over 35 years, Bernard has extensive knowledge and mastery of this field. He takes on cases for clients from throughout the United States and all over the world. Bernard handles all types of immigration cases, including business and family immigration matters as well as deportation and removal cases. He also specializes in immigration issues from the entertainment industry.


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Being in the field for over 35 years with complete compliance to United States immigration laws, Sidman Law Group is an immigration law firm in California serving a diverse group of clients from all around the globe. Our firm is preeminently known to be one of the top immigration law firms in California, enriched with a team of accredited attorneys.

Sidman Law Group is a leading full-service immigration law firm in California aiming to provide its clients with a full range of immigration services. With comprehensive knowledge in the legal, political and business context, our California immigration law firm offers legal solutions to employees, businesses, families, couples  and refugees. Providing incisive and effective legal counsel, our California immigration law firm is well-versed in interpreting the law and analyzing  client’s legal rights.

Sidman Law Group takes pride in being one of the best immigration law firms in CaliforniaWe deliver results.

But the role of an immigration law firm is unique compared to other areas of law.

  • Immigration lawyers act as advisors and legal counselors for their clients
  • Immigration lawyers prepare paperwork and submit clients visa applications
  • Immigration lawyers act as mediators between clients and immigration authorities
  • Immigration lawyers offer aggressive representation in immigration courts.


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