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Making the decision to leave your home is challenging. The best option for people who must leave their native country owing to political concerns is to apply for asylum. A person who wants to apply for political asylum in another country is referred to as an asylum immigrant. Asylum-seeking immigration happens when a person requests to remain in the United States or any other country due to safety concerns in their home country. These safety violations could be the result of racial, national, religious, or political issues that put people’s lives in peril. 
Do any of these situations apply to you and require that you submit an asylum application? Or perhaps you need a Encino asylum immigration lawyer since you’re in danger in your own country. The skilled attorneys at Sidman Law Group may be able to streamline your asylum immigration process.

Grounds For Asylum Immigration In Encino

Our immigration lawyers for asylum create asylum petitions for individuals who are already in the country and can prove a legitimate fear of persecution upon return.
Severe discrimination, harassment, beatings, torture, wrongful arrest or incarceration, as well as other types of harm, can all be considered manifestations of persecution. Your country’s government or unrecognized foreign forces must have been responsible for past persecution in your country or your well-founded fear of persecution in the future (such as vigilante squads or guerrilla groups).
Furthermore, the persecution must be based on one of five grounds, including your:

  • Religion
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Political opinion, or
  • Membership in a particular social group

Is It Legal To Apply For Asylum In Encino?

Yes.  Seeking asylum is legal. Under international law, which was established after World War II, requesting asylum is a legal right. The Geneva Refugee Convention was incorporated into U.S. immigration law by the Refugee Act of 1980 to improve conditions for refugees. If you wish to successfully navigate the legal asylum-seeking process, get in touch with our firm’s best immigration lawyer for asylum. Along with helping you with your legal issue, our attorneys will defend your rights under the law.

Who Are Asylum Seekers?

A person who has traveled throughout their entire country in search of peace and safety in another country is said to be an asylum seeker. An individual who has been granted refuge is referred to as an “asylee.” No one can deport you once you have status no matter the pretext. Any age, any gender, any ethnicity, and any color are permitted for an asylum candidate. According to reports, the bulk of asylum seekers migrate due to legal worries. We can assist. To start the procedure, speak with our renowned asylum immigration lawyer today.

The Process For An Asylum Application In Encino 

To submit an asylum case to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you must complete Form I-589. This is the request for a stay of deportation and asylum. After that, background checks will be performed on you for security purposes. You will be interrogated before a decision is made. You must then hire a top-notch asylum immigration attorney to present your case for asylum on your behalf if you want to improve your chances of success.

Required Paperwork For An Asylum Interview

The following documents are required for you to bring to the interview:

  • Identification proof
  • A birth certificate
  • A copy of the Form I-589
  • A certified duplicate of your marriage license
  • Additional documents that your lawyer advises

Is There A Deadline To Request Asylum?

You have one year to submit an asylum application in the USA. Additionally, there are a few offensive behaviors that could result in the denial of your application, such as:

  • Deportable offenses being committed
  • Obtaining defense from the other country
  • Participation in fraud
  • Absence of any threat in future

Follow the legal advice of your asylum immigration attorney after obtaining asylum and abstain from actions that could result in your removal from the country.

Governmental Assistance For Those Seeking Refuge

The government’s support of asylum seekers may be their only hope, and now the Covid measures of Title 42 no longer exist. 

  • The government may increase the number of asylum seekers at the border
  • Confinement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement should come to an end (I.C.E.)

First and foremost, the government may make a substantial contribution to streamlining the asylum application process. Second, you can benefit greatly from the services of an experienced asylum immigration lawyer.

Is Encino A Good Place To House Refugees?

Encino is an energetic and vibrant state because of their residents and communities. New laws that benefit refugees were enacted by the legislature. The Department of Consumer Affairs (D.C.A.) protects refugees’ rights and employment authorizations. Encino is therefore one of the best neighborhoods for asylum seekers. Contact our asylum immigration attorney if you have any further inquiries about seeking refuge in Encino.

Providing Safety To Refugees

We provide a free initial consultation during which we will review your situation and offer you expert advice. Our highly competitive asylum immigration attorneys would present your case in such a way that there would be little to no chance of losing it. We would also promise to do our best to ensure your absolute safety and security while residing in Encino. Give us a call at 818-981-0352 or drop us an email to get in touch.


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