Legal Status On Horizon For 11 Million Immigrants With Legislation Under New Biden Administration
January 15, 2021

Legal Status on Horizon for 11 Million Immigrants with Legislation under New Biden Administration

A shortened pathway to citizenship is in the near future with a legislation President-elect Biden plans on sending to Congress during his first few days in office. Under this bill, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status) recipients would automatically be granted permanent residence.

The executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, MarielenaHincapié, has spoken out about this legislation, saying that this proposed legislation contains no provisions regarding increased security and enforcement measures. Hincapié who was co-chair of the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force on Immigration, also mentioned that the incoming administration’s decision to not prioritize enforcement stemmed from the experiences that came with the Obama administration’s failure to appease Republicans.

According to a memo sent to the Biden administration from chief of staff, Ron Klain, we can expect to see this bill sent to Congress on Biden’s first day in office.

Other changes that we can expect to see under this plan are eligible for permanent residence after five years. Eligibility for citizenship will come after three years.

Speaking with Univision, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris mentioned that this bill would shorten the wait time for U.S citizenship to eight years instead of 13. This will be achieved by tackling the backlog in cases by bringing in more immigration judges.

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